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A Dedication to personal excellence.

Ashish Nagar is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach, previously a physical therapist by profession since 2001. He is working as a full time NLP Master coach since 2019.

As a physical therapist, he always dealt with physical problems of people with state-of-the-art therapies and worked mostly on psychosomatic problems and physical pain. His vast experience and inquisitive nature always made him inquire about the reasons behind the physical pains.


Coaching the Coaches – Sharpen your saw

Ashish Nagar, specialises in this sector by the virtue of his experience on the way of becoming a Coach himself. The missing piece in coaches is effective

Goal Mastery – Energy flows where your Focus goes

You are all prepared with your dreams, your ambitions, what to do, when todo but still you couldn’t take that first step. Have you thought why does this

Transformation Coaching–Awaken the Super-Hero within

For an individual to be effective one needs to excel in all the quadrants of life. A fine balance in various quadrants of life if necessary for optimum achievement and

Health & Wellness Coaching –
Engage your mind to heal
your body

Understanding the matrix of Illness, disease and healing within the context of mind and body relationship is the key to most of the issues related to health and

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching – Change the way you change

We always wish we had a genie, who can just fulfil our wishes; little did we knew that the Genie is in built. Our Subconscious mind has all the powers to get

NLP Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way to self awareness guided by mystics since immemorable times. NLP visualizations intensify their effectivity and help you achieve better and deeper state of mental calmness and inner peace with outer congruence

Our Expertise

1. Sharpen Your Saw

Coaching Mindset & Coaching Business Blueprint Expert:

We help aspiring coaches in developing their mindset, their programs and mentoring them about how to prepare and present their Niche in a way that helps them to penetrate their expertise in the market straight and sharp.

There are umpteen number of Programs helping you with online and offline support for marketing, selling and developing the exact system for your

Dr. Ashish Nagar, who has helped me find a purpose of my life and is guiding me through it step by step. His Knowledge and keen understanding of my patterns of mind brought me to a point where I started my Journey towards my Coching mindset & business just in one month.

Words are not enough to explain my gratitude towards ashish nagar Sir. I am grateful to the Universe to send a guide, a friend and a mentor who has ability to take my vision to the next level
Urvashi Mehta
NLP Coach
Toronto, Canada

2. Healthism Life

Engage your Mind to Heal your Body I was a Physical Therapist by profession since 2001. Since then, for almost 20 years, I was working effectively as Physical Therapy College in various rolls right from an Intensive care Physical Therapist to an Assistant Professor in a Physical Therapist and all roles in between. Throughout my 20 years of career, I have dealt with Pains and Physical Problems of thousands of People, which revealed me that most people are suffering with various physical ailments because of their
“This magician was formerly known for his pin-pointed diagnosis and treatment of physical problems through physiotherapy. But now he is curing, not only the physical but also mental problems without touching them through NLP. He has helped me cure my 10 years old constipation and knee problems too.”
Rajeev Giri Goswami

3. Fix the Man to Fix the World

NLP for Self-Transformation and Coaching Others

“Be the Change that you want to see in the world” rightly quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, this is the key to all that you need to make your life meaningful, worthy, lively and productive. We all have many aspirations in our life, but we actually do not know where to start and how to progress.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the real science of Change, Changing the Programming, Conditioning, your subconscious patterns with the use of


“Thanks to you Ashish for interacting with me and creating peaceful environment within me and directing towards right path”
Arun Kumar Singh
“The course was very informative and designed very well for the problem solvers. Thank You, Dr. Ashish Nagar, for designing a course”
Nitin Bhushan K N
“This course was really good. I learnt how to deal with our daily life problems. It was a practical experience.”
Komal Devrukhkar
“This course has really made me accept the current situation. Our mind plays such a big role in how we respond to all the information about COVID-19 and it certainly does affect our responses.”
“Thank you very much, It was really interesting. Can't wait to see the results of these principles and also those of the visualization exercices. Exactly what I was looking for.”
“This magician was formerly known for his pin-pointed diagnosis and treatment of physical problems through physiotherapy. But now he is curing, not only the physical but also mental problems without touching them through NLP. He has helped me cure my 10 years old constipation and knee problems too.”
Rajeev Giri Goswami
The way this course is conducted very much suits my needs, to be able to work at my own pace. The teacher makes the course very easy to understand, speaking clearly and explaining everything clearly through the use of videos. I couldn't have wished for a better tutor.
Himanshu Chaure
This course has been amazing. It is so much more than I expected and I’m blown away by what I’ve learned. I really appreciate the extra charts and ebooks.
Jayanta Waghmare
This course covers all the necessary steps for the three levels, without overloading it with extra information. The explanations are simple, clear, and precise. I appreciated the reminder to always practice from a place of love.
Abhishek Chedge
I met Mr. Ashish Nagar during our NLP reimprenting master course classes - He is a key point in the course. Later when ever i needed guidance for understanding some topics or elaborated study on various topics, he was always there to support . I started my NLP coaching with my clients and always use to take his advice with guidelines to treat them with various therpies . He is too accurate and to the point on the topics with sound grip to asses the case history with salutations. Hes a great friend,life coach and human to work for society. Hes a master in his feild . I wish him sky high success in his future to flurish more and keep on doing nobal work for humanity.
Coach Sanniyah Ahmad

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